When to send a press release in Africa


Did you know that there are over 57 non-working days in Africa in July alone because of public holidays in different countries?

Non-working days are a huge factor when planning for press-release distribution in Africa. After all, who wants to send a press release when nobody is around to read it?

Here’s another example: In the month of August, there are only seven working days (that’s right, only seven!) that don’t fall on a holiday in one of the 54 African countries.

In order to help PR professionals plan their press release distributions in Africa, APO has released a Calendar of non-working days in Africa. It’s available at One look at the calendar, and you will realize that finding a day without a holiday in Africa can be tricky!

If you need to distribute a press release in Tanzania in August, don’t do it on the 8, since it’s Nane Nane Day (Farmers’ Day). Do you want to target Burkina Faso? Forget about August 4, because it’s Revolution Day, and the next day, August 5, is Independence Day. Kenya? Uganda? Angola? Don’t waste time wondering if it’s a holiday. Instead, just check the APO Calendar of non-working days in Africa before planning your press release distribution.

Following a few other simple scheduling tips can also make it easier to have your press release picked up by the media and help boost your ROI:

  • Press releases should go out early in the week
  • If possible, avoid distributing on Fridays
  • Timing is important – don’t send them out too late in the day, rather opt for the morning if you can
  • Naturally, when planning the timing of your press release, you will have to factor in the various time zones across Africa. There are six in all, from UTC-1 (Cape Verde) to UTC+4 (Seychelles). (See:
  • If your press release is not available until the end of the day, you’d be better off waiting patiently until the next morning before distributing it. This will help protect your ROI. Likewise, if your release is not available until Friday afternoon, think about waiting until the following Monday to distribute it.

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We hope all of you have a great summer and enjoy both your non-working days and your days in the office!